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Nexis Fibers

Bio Based PA6.10 Fibers

Bio based polymers are relatively new in the technical industry. With this innovative fiber made of biopolyamide, we are bringing a sustainable alternative to standard petroleum-based synthetics.


It is important to understand that sustainability and high performance are not mutually exclusive. Sustainability is key and it's becoming more and more routine with products such as these. Changes in consumer behavior will guide the entire industry towards more sustainable solutions in the future.


Nexis Fibers has developed a bio based polyamide fibers that is largely derived from castor oil plants. 63 % of the polyamide comes from the seeds of the castor plant.


Nexis Fibers is producers of granulate PA 6.10 for injection molding industry for many years and with large experience of production many types of the high tenacity fibers has developed multifilament technical yarns – yarns made out of the sebacic acid derived from castor oil.


Basic facts to PA 6.10 fibers :

qMade out from bio-based monomer (content 63%)
qLower absorption of water in comparison to PA6 or PA66 (on the level of 1% WA)
qBetter abrasion resistance then PA6 or PA66
qPossible to spin with heat stabilizer or light protection additives
qCurrently available at counts 940 and 1400dtex (other counts upon request)
qAchievable tenacity at the level 72-75 cN/tex


Comparison of cord modulus:

PA 6.10 – 940dtex

PA6 T851 – 940dtex

PA 6.6 T650 -940dtex

Yarns for Ropes & Nets

High and Super High Tenacity, Multifilament Polyamide 6 (White & Spun-dyed) Yarns for the Specialty & Industrial Ropes and Nets Markets:

- Climbing & Playground Ropes

- Paper Carrier Ropes

- Fish Netting

- Fish Farming Nets

- Sport & Safety Nets

Yarns for airbags & weaving applications

High and Super High Tenacity, Multifilament Polyamide 6 (White & Spun-dyed) and 6.6 Yarns for Airbag and Weaving Markets:
- Airbag
- Broad Wovens
- Narrow Wovens
- Sewing Threads
- Air Jet Textured Applications

Yarns for tyres & MRG

High and Super High Tenacity, Multifilament Polyamide 6 and 6.6 Yarns for the Tyre and Mechanical Rubber Goods Markets:
- Passenger Car Tyres
- Off-Road Tyres
- Aircraft Tyres
- Conveyor Belts
- Airsprings
- Hoses

Special polymers

Polyamide 6.10, 6.12 (various viscosities) and PA6.6 Post-Condensation for Demanding Monofilament and Other Applications:
- Monofilaments
- Engineering Plastics
- Filtrations
- Abrasives

Twisted & Air-Jet Textured Yarns

Twisted and Air-Jet Texturing using Polyamide or your own yarn (PES, Acetate, Viscose, etc.) for Industrial Applications:

- Ropes and Nets Pre-Twisted Yarns

- Chafer for Tyres and Textile Applications

- Fancy Yarns