1906 – 1990: The Swiss Company

The Swiss Company, based in Emmenbrücke, created in 1906 for the production of Viscose yarns.

Start of manufacturing Polyamide 6.6 polymers.

1970’s -1990’s
In 1972, the company commissioned the first production of Polyamide 6.6 industrial yarns for tire applications, the basis for establishing and building strong relationships with Western Europe’s main tire makers. In 1975, the Company began production of fine Polyester Monofilaments, becoming a world leader in this market. It continues to diversify its product portfolio, with increasingly finer and more sophisticated and innovative products. Present market share stands at 55%.

1990 – 2008: Expansion in Europe

Acquisition of the staple fiber plant in Neumünster, Germany. The site was gradually geared to produce technical staple fibers for non-woven applications and other added-value products, such as PPS fibers used for hot gas filtration in power plants.

Acquisition of the plant in Humenné, Slovakia.

Acquisition of the plant in Gorzów, Poland, dedicated to the production of Heavy Denier Monofilament, with three new lines, for developing higher added-value products, in particular for the Paper industry and for filtration applications (Automotive, Food, etc).

Acquisition of the plant in Daugavpils, Latvia, a polyamide 6 production unit (established in 1961) developing a range of products for ropes and nets.

Butler Capital Partners, a global investment fund, acquired the yarns assets, founding Nexis Fibers, focused on the design, development and manufacturing of high quality industrial & specialty fibers.

While having to focus on its integration in order to become operational on a stand-alone basis, Nexis suffered a series of adverse conditions. In November, considering the company’s level of indebtedness, Management met with the court which granted Nexis Fibers AG a stay in bankruptcy in order for it to restructure its operations.

Since 2009: New Nexis Fibers

Take-over of Nexis Fibers Group by 1C Industries Zug AG (Nexis being owned by INDUSTRIAL investors).

Nexis Fibers taken under „umbrella“ of Accu Holding AG.

Acquisition of company Twista (yarn twisting).

Nexis started restructuring process.

Accu holding sold 100% of Nexis shares to Fibers Investment  a.s., represented by Ivo Bezloja (former 50% shareholder of Nexis).

Nexis has finished legal process of restructuring (chapter 11) at the end of March.