Nexis Group sold to Fibers Investment

Accu Holding AG has entered into an agreement with Fibers Investment a.s., a company controlled by Ivo Bezloja, a former business partner of Marco Marchetti. The agreement was approved by the special guardian [ed: legal guardian with limited powers in Austria] as well as the District Court of Hochdorf. The Prosecutor’s Office III Zurich has also approved the transfer of corresponding shares.

With the conclusion of the agreement, the legal dispute between OC Industrial Group AG / Ivo Bezloja and Accu Holding AG regarding the contestation of the sale of the Nexis Group has been terminated. Furthermore, the buyer has agreed to provide Nexis Group with urgently needed liquidity.

The legislation on the restructuring of companies in Slovakia has been fundamentally changed. Debt waivers will no longer be legal. The new law is applied to all restructuring cases in Slovakia that have not yet been completed. As a result, the debt of the Nexis Group exceeds the enterprise value.

The parties have agreed on a purchase price of CHF 300’000 for or the Nexis Fibers a.s. with an improvement clause should the company be liquidated in the near future or sold with a profit.